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Financial Planning
North Capital will undertake a comprehensive financial review based upon your individual needs and goals, your personal risk profile, and any special circumstances related to your finances.

We collect information about your income and expenses, your investment portfolio and other assets,and your liabilities. We also ask you to complete a brief questionnaire that helps to establish your risk profile and identify other information that should be considered in our review. Throughout the review process we work with you to hone in on your investment goals and to establish an appropriate time horizon over which to achieve them.
Lifetime Financial Analysis Report We use the information you provide to develop a Lifetime Financial Analysis Report, which is designed to analyze your financial position as it is expected to evolve over time. Our proprietary approach allows us to consider your assets,liabilities, income, and expenses on both a current and future basis. We evaluate the probability of achieving your objectives under different sets of assumptions, and consider scenarios that could adversely affect your goals.
Financial Review Document After our analysis is complete, we will produce a document that delineates the results of our review and offers specific, actionable recommendations to help address your needs and meet your goals. The financial review will include our recommendations for your portfolio asset allocation and our advice about the tax efficiency of your investments. You may choose to implement the recommendations on your own, or North Capital can work with you to implement your investment plan.

Our approach: diversify broadly, choose appropriate investment vehicles, control costs and ensure tax efficiency.


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