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Beating the market is an appealing idea for certain, but most investors do not manage to outperform their benchmark indices over the long term. In fact, investment research conducted over several decades suggests that the vast majority of returns available from investing can be captured through asset allocation. North Capital incorporates this research into our portfolio construction process, maintaining strategic exposure to a broad array of asset classes rather than attempting to pick winners and losers.

North Capital utilizes a systematic approach in selecting investments and managers. Low-cost, highly-diversified investments such as Vanguard index funds, iShares ETFs, and index futures form the core of our portfolio strategies. We search for persistent sources of alpha rather than for managers with a "hot hand," since today's top performers often underperform in subsequent years. For the same reason, client portfolios are rebalanced regularly to ensure that asset class weights do not exceed acceptable limits.

Visit the Education Center to read information about asset allocation, index investing, and active / passive strategies.

If you would like to speak with an advisor, contact North Capital at (888) 625 7768. Or send us your contact information and we would be happy to schedule a call with you.


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Beating the Market

Beating the market is an appealing idea, but most investors do not manage to outperform their benchmark indices over
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