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Investment Management
North Capital's discretionary investment management service offers clients the benefits of diversification across a wide array of asset classes and risk factors, access to institutional investment managers, cost-effective implementation, and professional monitoring, reporting, and service.

Diversification We consider an expansive view of asset classes into our model allocations and diversify other risk exposures, such as geographic, fund, and manager risk. But diversification is not just about risk reduction; it's about capturing opportunity. Investment research conducted over several decades suggests that the vast majority of returns available from investing can be captured through asset allocation. We incorporate this research into our portfolio construction process, maintaining strategic exposure to a broad array of asset classes and risk factors rather than attempting to pick winners and losers.
Our investment process is grounded in academic research and driven by enduring principles.
Research and Access North Capital maintains an open architecture approach to identifying investments, which means that we are not tied to a proprietary platform or list of products. This independence ensures an alignment of interest with our clients. Open architecture means more options for investors. We search for persistent sources of long-term return rather than for managers with a "hot hand," since today's top performers often underperform in subsequent years. Our discretionary clients have access to a wide array of investment strategies and managers that are not available to self-directed investors, including access to Dimensional Funds and the Signal share classes of Vanguard Mutual Funds. As an independent investment advisor, North Capital does not charge and will not accept any brokerage commissions or trailer from advisory clients.
As an independent, fee-only investment advisory firm, North Capital does not charge and will not accept brokerage commissions from advisory clients.
Low Costs and Tax Efficiency North Capital recognizes the dramatic impact that management fees, fund operating expenses, and taxes can have on the long-term, total return of an investment portfolio. Active management fees are often many times the cost of index funds or ETFs, yet most active managers perform worse than their benchmark index. North Capital always considers the impact of transaction costs, management fees, and other expenses in determining which investments to select. Low-cost, highly-diversified passive mutual funds and ETFs form the core of our model portfolios, which provide for systematic, cost-effective implementation of our clients' investment strategies. The average expense ratio of our fixed income and equity model portfolios is 25% of the industry
average 1.20%.
Monitoring, Reporting, and Service We actively monitor and rebalance discretionary accounts to maintain exposures within predetermined risk guidelines. In addition, we work with our clients to seamlessly adjust strategic asset allocations as our clients╩╝ risk profiles change. Discretionary clients receive comprehensive, quarterly performance and risk reporting on their portfolios, including a breakdown of asset class risk and detailed equity exposure reporting by style, sector, and geographic region. Current exposure reports are also available online through the North Capital Web Portal.


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